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The Young and Talented

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Geared towards the generations of the future and tailored for you!

Please Keep your Arms and Legs Inside the Blog at all Times.

Posted by Ryan Flanders Posted on Aug 10 2016

Hi, I’m Ryan Flanders.  I’m thrilled to finally be launching a blog dedicated to a fresher take on financial planning.  While the focus of much of the content will be geared toward my generation, my hope is that all will find some entertainment and, hopefully at times, a different spin on the routine way of viewing your money and finances.   So, with that said, welcome to The Young and Talented: my attempt at a conversation geared towards the millennial generation and tailored for you.  Today, most articles out there portray finance as a scary topic; they make you feel like money must be taken seriously all the time.  That is far from the truth, and my objective is to make your personal finances fun and exciting again.  From this vantage point, you will have the ability to fulfill your goals and, with proper planning, fund your dreams.  Are you ready yet?

Three years ago, my family joined forces to take my father’s sole proprietor accounting and financial planning practice to the next level.  We each brought different strengths that, when blended, has created a very unique planning experience for our clients.  We work with all of our clients as a team, and from time to time you may see guest posts from them on here as well.

So what will I be writing about, here, on The Young and Talented?  For the most part, I will primarily be focusing on financial topics; I will do my best to keep things light and easy.  I am always open to answer questions and write about topics that are important to you, so please reach out  and let me know.  My goal is to be in touch on a monthly basis, but as different events unfold, I may provide my take on them more often. 

Sit back, buckle up, keep your arms and legs inside the blog at all times, and enjoy this ride with me.

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